What Is the General Working Principle of Vertical Packaging Machine?

May. 14, 2021

The working principle of Vertical Packaging Machine such as rice packaging machine, snack packaging machine and cookie packaging machine is that the roller film placed on the support device circles around the guide rod set and tensioning device, and the position of the trademark pattern on the film package is detected by the photoelectric detection and control device, and then the film is wrapped on the surface of the filling tube through the bag maker rolled into a round bag maker.

Firstly, the film is heat sealed at the interface part of the roll with the longitudinal heat sealing device to get a sealed tube, and then the tubular film is moved to the transverse heat sealing device for transverse sealing to form a bag.

Vertical Packaging Machine

Vertical Packaging Machine

The weighing device fills the weighed items into the bag through the upper filling tube, and then the transverse heat sealing device is heat sealed and cut in the middle to form the packaging unit and the bottom seal of the next bag.

VFFS Vertical Packaging Machine is a machine that makes flexible packaging materials into bag-like cylinders, fills them with material, seals them and automatically and continuously completes three functions, usually for packaging block, flake, granule, branch, powder, fluid and semi-fluid materials with the help of metering and filling machines.

Advantages of standard vertical packaging machine.

A. Low cost and high yield, fast speed and high efficiency.

B. Famous brand PLC control system, large screen touch screen, easy to operate.

C. Servo film pulling system, pneumatic horizontal sealing.

D. Minimize loss with complete automatic warning protection.

E. When equipped with feeding and measuring equipment, it can complete feeding, measuring, filling, sealing, date printing, filling, counting and finished product conveying.

F. The new appearance and combined frame make the machine more precise in the whole.

G. High-grade and luxurious European style machine appearance.

H. More than 85% of the key parts are made of stainless steel, and all the walking film racks are made of 304 SUS.

I. Extending the length of the shooting belt makes the pulling film more stable.

J. Vertical sealing, more convenient adjustment, good protection of film from shaking.

K. Adding cylinder press film metal clamping plate at the film joint, more convenient to join film when changing film rolls.

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